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Vigier Avocats conceives and provides personalized formation in order to meet its clients’ demands.

The firms is training organization registered under the number 11755685275.

These trainings allow you to have a better control of the legal framework governing your activity, to be able to forecast the risks and to control them, to be up-to-date with the legal and regulatory news, which are various in this field.

Our formation target everybody. Their content is defined with the client and suited to the interns’ profile.

The firm is giving trainings, among other things on those subjects:

  • The legal framework about personal data in the medical field
  • The legal framework on digital tools
  • Clinical trial, research studies
  • Anti-gift law and transparency
  • French drug agency Inspections and their consequences
  • Pharmaceutical’s responsibilities in the health companies
  • Telemedecine, and E-health
  • Contracts’ draft and negociation


Some of the trainings are co-animated with leading experts of the field, such as pharmacist specialized in pharmaceuticals affairs, experimented doctors of the health industry.

The training sessions are inter or intra firm, from half a day until the whole day. For stage of trainings, the sessions are temporally spaced out in order to allow the applicants to share their work experiences.

A training contract is established between the firm and the office. Attendance certificate are given at the end of the sessions. In an amelioration perspective of our quality, a satisfaction survey is given to every applicant in order to collect their opinion.

Feel free to contact us in order to define together your formation project.