Transparency of the relationships between healthcare industries, producing or commercializing health products, and healthcare professionals (physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians, students of these professions, etc.) was strengthened by the publication of policies assessing potential conflicts of interests (fees, contracts, benefits, etc.). The Anti-Gift Law (ex-“DMOS” law) has extended the scope of the health professions and manufacturers concerned, and has reinforced the procedures and penalties.

Our experience with US and french companies has enabled us to develop expertise in the implementation of compliance programs, ethical codes and whistle blowing procedure.

We assist you in the analysis of regulations; we offer our expertise for the implementation of pragmatic and operational solutions.

Among our activities:

  • Situational analysis, anti-gift law audit, transparency
  • Development of ethics and compliance audits,
  • Drafting of procedures, gift convention
  • Implementation and review of compliance policy
  • Professional training