Our expertise

Commercial law

We assist you in all the events concerning your company’s life, your products and services, including the creation of new offers, legal analysis, setting up partnerships, negotiating with suppliers, drafting contracts with clients, etc.

Regarding products, we advise you on the rules of promotion, of advertisement when destined to the public or health care specialists, of digital communication, as well as on the partnerships and the marketing of your offers.

Among our activities, we offer to assist with:

  • The drafting, negotiation and follow-up of contracts, Terms & Conditions;
  • Due diligence audit of contracts;
  • The drafting of internal procedures;
  • Staff training.

Personal Data (Data protection)

The protection of scientific and medical data, as well as of health data, is an important and strategic issue. Defining the nature of the data collected, its use and the recipients of the data are key issues to address.

The specificity of certain activities linked to the sector, in particular the strict regulations relating to clinical trials and pharmacovigilance, led the French Data Protection Authority (“CNIL” in France) to set up « methodologies » and specific authorizations.

The sensitivity of health data and the potential impact of a violation of the regulation for individuals at the time of Big Data are a major stake in the era of e-health and in the context of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Our expertise:

  • Regulation of health data, assistance with GDPR compliance
  • Terms and conditions of data hosting,
  • Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA),
  • Filing of application forms, French Data Protection Authority’s (CNIL) methodologies